Elderly Care Palos Verdes, CA: Can Your Senior Regain Muscle Tone?

It’s normal to lose a little bit of muscle tone as your senior ages, but this can cause her bigger problems. To improve her mobility and her ability to avoid a fall, it’s in your senior’s best interests to try to reverse muscle loss if she can. 

Being Inactive Contributes to the Problem 

Part of what causes aging adults to lose muscle tone as they grow older is that they’re gradually a little less active than they were. If your elderly family member has been avoiding being active, even in small amounts, that is going to mean she’s starting out at a bit of a disadvantage. She can become more active, but it’s best for her to do so gradually and only with the blessing of her doctor. 

Fuel Her Body Properly 

Another factor that contributes to muscle loss is what your senior is eating. If she’s eating a lot of carbs, that doesn’t help her to build muscle. It’s entirely possible that your elderly family member needs more protein than she’s getting currently in her diet. It’s a good idea to take a closer look at what she’s eating and do what you can to get a little more protein into every day’s meals. If cooking is difficult or exhausting for her, look into ways that you can help her to eat healthier meals more regularly. 

Get Her Cleared for Exercise 

Exercise is going to help your senior to regain muscle, but she needs to exercise properly. The very first step is to talk to her doctor about whether she’s safe to exercise. This doesn’t mean that she’s out running marathons or lifting heavy weights. Moving just a little bit more than she has been can be a great way for her to start. Working with a physical therapist could be a good idea, too. 

Elderly Care Providers Might Be Able to Help 

There are a lot of variables that could be keeping your senior from doing what she needs to do to slow down her muscle loss. Bringing in elderly care providers might be a huge help in solving that problem. They can help her to eat healthy meals more regularly and they can be there for her to remind her when it’s time to move a little bit.  

Sometimes it just takes little changes to give your elderly family member big results. Make sure that she keeps talking to her doctor about her progress and that she’s working within the guidelines her doctor sets up for her. She may not become an Olympic weightlifter, but she might start to slow down her muscle loss. 

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