Heart episodes can include everything from spikes of high blood pressure that your senior’s doctor is trying to figure out to even a heart attack. Keeping your senior’s heart as healthy as possible, especially after one instance of trouble with her circulatory system, is crucial.

Appointments Are Key

Your elderly family member’s doctor may want to see her more often if she’s having heart trouble. It’s also likely that she’s going to be referred to a cardiologist or to another specialist, depending on the issues she’s having. Making it to those appointments is huge and isn’t something that she can opt out of. She needs to make sure that she’s seeing her doctors as often as they need for her to be there.

Be Strict with Medications

Chances are good that one or more of the doctors your senior is seeing now about her heart issues have prescribed medications for her. It’s important for your senior to remember that these medications have been prescribed for a reason. If she’s experiencing side effects, she needs to let her doctors know rather than simply discontinuing the medication on her own.

Lifestyle Changes Do More Than You Think

One of the suggestions from one or more doctors is likely to be for your elderly family member to make some lifestyle changes. It’s easy to scoff at these suggestions, but they can be far more effective than your senior thinks. Some of the lifestyle changes recommended may even get her to the point that she is able to reduce some of the medications that she takes and that can be a huge relief for her. Encourage your senior to at least give these suggestions a try.

Don’t Freak Out about What’s Going On

Worry is a big part of being a family caregiver, but you can’t allow yourself to go to pieces. You have to be there for your elderly family member and that can sometimes mean giving yourself a break. Enlist the help of elder care providers and make sure that you’re taking some time just for you. Then, when you come back, you’ll be better prepared to help your senior manage her health issues.

If your elderly family member has already had one type of episode with her heart, she may be more likely to experience another. Keeping an eye on her care can help her to stay as healthy as she can possibly be.

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